Visual Art...

Over the past few years I have been commissioned by Body & Soul festival to work on visual art projects as part of their annual music festival. Each piece is available for hire and can be adapted to a given area.

Colours In Motion

This incandescent piece was originally inspired by the novel Sadako and 1000 Paper Cranes, a true story of one girl’s unfulfilled dream for peace. Visually, Colours in Motion is an abundance of vibrant particles dispersing into the air. Each component is individually made from lighting gels, which have been meticulously placed, resulting in a rainbow spectrum of colour. As the sun rises and night falls Colours in Motion becomes exactly that, a continuous movement of reflective colours bouncing off whatever surface it hits first.

Disco Limbs

Drawing inspiration from the phenomenologists Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Her installations express the continual synthesis of Nature and Idea. “Disco Limbs” is an up-cycled piece made from mannequin limbs and CDs, which shimmers and shimmies its way through the forest reflecting and refracting its natural environment. “Disco Limbs” creates paradigm-shifting spaces, maintaining the essence of nature whilst distorting the space it exists in.